Who Am I?

Widely admired and universally recognised, David first began crafting custom golf clubs professionally in 1998 and is now undisputed as one of Europe's top authorities in the field of custom club fitting. In terms of qualifications, experience and expertise, David is unparalelled. His discerning clients travel from all corners of the continent to have their clubs seen to and he has contributed to industry manuals to aid the education of future clubmakers. Beyond being one of the most reknowned clubmakers in the profession, David also boasts a range of qualifications that speak for themselves. These qualifications are:

- GCA Clubmaker of the Year, 2006

- Member, British Custom Clubmakers' Association

- Class A Clubmaker, Professional Clubmakers' Society

- Master Craftsman, Golf Clubmakers' Association

- Member, European Golf Teacher's Federation

- BSc (1st class honours) Degree, Mathematics and Computer Science

The PCS (Professional Clubmakers Society) qualification bestows membership of its elite group of craftsmen. The Society is a hallmark in the Golf industry and David's induction recognises his professionalism and skills as a Certified Class "A" Clubmaker by his peers. It is estimated there are over 100,000 so-called 'clubmakers' today. However all clubmakers are not equally skilled, trained, or certified; the PCS has over 1200 members world-wide but only a small proportion are Certified "Class A" members - only ten fitters have ever attained such distinction in this country.

David is also a GCA Master Craftsman. This prestigious title is reserved for the select few that pass through Golfsmith's elite unit in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, and recognises David's superb understanding of the component he uses, including clubhead and shaft design analysis, customized grinding and head shape profiling, and golf component manufacturing techniques.

David was recognised as the best in his field when he was unveiled as the GCA Clubmaker of the Year. David was a popular choice, having proven his continued commitment to the art of clubmaking for close to a decade at this point, as well as hacing achieved a loyal readership of his monthly columns in Tee Times magazine. The celebrated column continues to this day.

David's expertise in clubmaking and clubfitting is continually demonstrated in the expansive number of custom clubs crafted for his-customer's individual needs from his Basingstoke location. He utilises a dynamic swing analysis method, aided by cutting edge technical instruments; both are critical to determining an individual's swing characteristics.

David maintains everyone's swing is different, just like their own fingerprint; no two are alike! By determining the variables properly he can build or rebuild a golfers existing set designed to maximise distance, accuracy, and most importantly the enjoyment of this wonderful game of golf. The bonus is this can all be done for beginners, intermediate players, and pros at affordable prices.