Custom Golf Clubs

What Golfers Get from a Full Custom Fitting Service

David has been tailoring custom golf clubs as a profession for over a decade and his qualifications speak almost as highly as his reputation. On the issue of custom-fitting, he says:

“I have been playing golf for some time but it was not until some years ago until I began playing with custom-fit clubs. I became interested in this when I realised that I could get quality clubs made specifically for me for a lot less than I'd pay in the shops for branded sets. So, after enrolling on a club-fitting training course, I set about building my first set of clubs and was thrilled at the results. Impressed by the instant improvement in my game, a friend asked me to build him a set too. It was then that I realised that I could do this for a living and Made to Measure Golf Services is the end result.

Considering their proven effectiveness, it would seem that everybody would use clubs custom-fitted to their style of play. However, they do not. There is a number of reasons for this. One is lack of awareness; if golfers do not know that they can get clubs built for them, they will not go out and look for a good clubfitter - instead they end up at either the pro-shop on their golf course or the sports superstore and with a another bag-full of mass-produced clubs.

Another reason why clubs still sell off-the-rack is successful marketing of a brand. The fact is that there are many golfers who are happy to spend hundreds of pounds on a driver on the basis of a claim that it will get them an extra 10 yards. There may be marginal benefit on occasions but, more often than not, a bigger factor in the choice of the buyer is the logo on the side of the club rather than the results obtained with it; it is important to some golfers to have the same brand as Colin Montgomery but, ironically, it is the very professionals who advertise these clubs insist upon custom-fitted clubs themselves.

True custom-fitting is not about seeing how fast you hit the ball and showing you a set of clubs that come nearest to your swing speed. It involves extensive testing and then fitting the exact components to produce YOUR perfect club and, most importantly, it is something that is available for every golfer.”

Custom fitting is available in Basingstoke. Please call David on 01256 322007 to book an appointment.