Why Custom Fit?

The Benefits of Custom Golf Clubs

Serious players are quickly becoming aware of the benefits of using custom golf clubs, when compared to 'off the shelf' golf equipment, which is almost always designed and made to suit 'Mr Average', in age, sex, stature, and ability.

A professional clubmaker is to golf equipment what a professional teacher is to the golf swing. Technology today enables a professional clubmaker to select the components that will most accurately assist golfers in making the most of their swing. Golf swings are as individually different as fingerprints. To be properly fitted, one cannot expect to purchase ready-made clubs off the rack.

For as long as the game has been played, golfers have been looking for the 'right' clubs. Not a specific club design, but a perfectly fitted set of golf clubs that looks and feels good to each individual player, and allows him or her to hit their best shots.

For a set of golf clubs to 'fit' a golfer, the following have to be assessed:
- Club Length, to optimise distance and control
- Shaft Type, to be matched to your swing speed and tempo
- Loft and Lie, to maximise distance and trajectory
- Grip Size, to encourage the proper grip pressure throughout the swing
- 18 other variables to provide a fully-bespoke set of golf clubs that perfectly match your game.

You cannot fail to benefit from using perfectly-matched custom golf clubs. Because they are built to meet your personal specifications, your strengths are exagerated and your mistakes reduced. Solutions can be found for every type of problem, and the benefits are not limited to certain players - everyone is aided by having clubs custom-fitted, including:
- Professionals who rely on equipment specifically honed to their own game. The tiniest adjustment can mean everything to these people who need to know that, when under pressure, they are using the best equipment available. All professionals know that to play to their best, they must use the best, which is why every professional has custom-fit clubs
- Amateur Players of greater ability level who are seeking to shave those last few shots off their handicaps. As the standard of their game increases, so does the importance of using correct equipment; talented players should know that they are putting themselves at a disadvantage if they are using clubs manufactured for someone else
- Female Players who are not presented with a wide choice of equipment in a typical golf shop. So often let down by major golf outlets, custom-fitting gives to women an enormous choice of clubs with so many variable factors
- Senior Players who are seeking to regain some lost distance. Custom fitting is often the only solution to allow this group of golfers to keep the distance they used to hit without having to resort to longer clubs which cost them accuracy
- Junior Players who do not fit the standard size ranges of mass-produced junior clubs. Although they are at a time in their lives when they are growing most, the general choice faced by juniors is normally a disappointing range of 'junior' sized clubs and an equally small range in 'ladies' sizes. Golfers improve most quickly at a young age so, during this period, it is crucial that the right equipment be used
- Beginners looking to start out on the 'right foot', by using properly fitted equipment. Habits developed at an early stage to combat problems with mass-produced clubs can prove very difficult to change later on, so custom-fit clubs are also beneficial to new golfers
- Average Players who are often unsure of their available equipment options. This group of golfers may find that they finally see their handicap lowering after acquiring custom-fit clubs. Other players whose interest in golf has waned may find that, having seen an improvement, they gain a new-found interest in the game. Players who constantly top or slice the ball may also find that their problem disappears
- Left Handed Golfers who were previously put of golf by a chronic lack of choice – when you custom-fit, you have as many options as the next golfer
- Physically Handicapped Players who are unable to find clubs to suit their needs. This group of golfers are rarely represented in major golf outlets and require specific customization of clubs. Customised clubs can reduce the disadvantage felt by handicapped golfers

In short, everyone who plays golf can be helped by custom fit golf clubs! Your current set of golf clubs, altered and improved to suit you, could be the answer, or a new set of custom clubs will provide a personally designed prescription for an improved game. Call 01256 322007 to arrange for an analysis of your current clubs.